Annette Small is a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable blend of clinical and business experience, earning her the respect and trust of surgeon owners in the medical industry. With her exceptional skills and leadership, Annette has played a pivotal role in guiding MAVI to new heights.  In her first year at Kansas City Vascular, P.C., Annette orchestrated the successful merger of the group with Vascular Surgery Associates, P.C., resulting in the formation of MAVI. This strategic move positioned MAVI as the largest independent vascular surgery practice in the region, establishing its prominence and solidifying its market position.  Prior to joining Kansas City Vascular, P.C. in 2015, Annette held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Adams Dairy Bank in Blue Springs, Missouri. During her tenure, she played a key role in supporting the bank’s strategic efforts to grow core deposits, while fostering a culture of exceptional customer service and community-based banking.  Annette’s commitment to serving the community extended beyond the banking sector. As the Chief Executive Officer of St. Mary’s Medical Center for over five years, she led a significant organizational transformation in 2009. Annette focused on rebuilding the organizational culture and implemented numerous initiatives to enhance service quality, improve profitability, and most importantly, foster engagement among patients and medical staff.  With her extensive experience in healthcare administration, banking, and executive leadership, Annette Small brings a wealth of expertise to her current role. Her dedication, strategic vision, and ability to foster strong relationships have proven instrumental in driving the success of MAVI and positioning it as a leader in the vascular surgery field.