Nikki Kramer is a highly accomplished clinical manager at MAVI, where she plays a vital role in patient care operations. With a deep commitment to improving patient outcomes, Nikki works closely with MAVI’s clinical staff to ensure optimal efficiency and quality care for our patients.  Nikki’s journey in the healthcare field began with invaluable experience in an acute care hospital, where she worked across diverse departments, including medical-surgical, telemetry, interventional radiology, and clinical outcomes. Drawing from over 15 years of hands-on nursing experience and leadership, Nikki’s exceptional skills set her apart, eventually leading her to join MAVI in January 2016.  Nikki assumed the role of clinical research coordinator at MAVI in September 2016 and has rapidly grown in her responsibilities and accomplishments in her leadership role. Her extensive knowledge and expertise contribute to the advancement and development of process improvement for MAVI and our patients.  Nikki’s educational background consists of Licensed Practical Nursing and Associate of Science degrees in nursing from Penn Valley Community College. Nikki’s unwavering commitment to advancing vascular disease management and her dedication to patient care make her an invaluable asset to MAVI.