Terri Selfis a highly accomplished professional serving as the Revenue Cycle Manager at MAVI. In this role, Terri undertakes the crucial responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day billing operations and ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of all payment issues. With an impressive career spanning over 21 years, Terri brings a wealth of expertise to MAVI, acquired during her tenure as a Patient Representative at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Blue Springs, Missouri.  Terri’s specialization lies in helping patients navigate the often complex and confusing insurance process. Her compassionate approach and in-depth understanding of the healthcare system enable her to provide invaluable assistance to patients, ensuring they receive the financial support they require while maintaining their peace of mind.  Terri holds a degree from Central Missouri State University, which has provided her with a strong foundation in healthcare management and patient advocacy. Her exceptional skills, combined with her extensive experience, make her an invaluable asset to MAVI’s operations.